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We were born
on the slopes of Mount Etna

Our story

Since 1960

60 years of experience

We tend to the volcanic land, hard and generous at the same time, with all our passion and respect.

Our treasure - our team

We employ whole Sicilian families, in particular women that, according to the Etna’s tradition, have the right gentleness in taking care of the vineyards. This knowledge is handed down from generation to generation.

Cottanera is territoriality

Respect for the land and its rhythms

In the vineyards almost all the work, including the harvest, is done by hand. For us, making wine means respect for the land, trying to make the most of its potential without ever changing it.

Our Mission

Quality and enhancement of the territory

We want to develop on Mount Etna an innovative viticulture voted to quality. We want to translate into wine the voice of the land respecting the traditions and enhancing the differences that each individual district gives to the grapes.